How to boost traffic and increase sales with video marketing (YouTube)

Videos add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign. Done properly, you can use the videos to add depth to the stories that accompany your products, tell how your company has grown and become what it is today, or explain how your product may be used in a variety of ways through A different medium. This can be transmitted in sales. According to MultiVisionDigital , a renowned video production house, there is a probability that 64% of customers make a purchase after seeing the video of a product.

When your product is unique and original, or you want to make sure that people really get the best benefits from using it, it’s time you thought about grabbing a camera.

Before we talk more in depth about it , and more specific marketing issues surrounding YouTube , it is important to understand that your videos do not need to become viral to bring results. You are telling a story about yourself or your product, and not to become viral or get personal fame. Focus on creating commitment, not just getting a large number of reproductions.

Below are video marketing strategies with YouTube to help you get more visits:

Shoot short videos

According to a recent analysis , YouTube videos less than 2 minutes get about 50% of all reproductions. This should come as no surprise. No one wants to see a video that tells the whole story of how your business was founded or every detail of the origin of the product. Do not rush to say something so as not to overdo it, but it is better to err on the side of brevity. Videos less than two minutes generate the majority of reproductions

There is another good reason for you to decide to tell your story briefly. YouTube made recent changes in its algorithms in favor of videos that generate commitment with its viewers. The videos that are seen to the end will provide good visibility, much greater to those who are quickly abandoned. Take this as a reminder that the quality of commitment is more important than the number of reproductions.

Create a channel for your brand

Unless you really think you’ll only have one video, it is recommended that you make a special YouTube channel for your online business. Not only does it make the videos look more professional, because being in a formal brand channel generates more confidence than one with an individual username, you will also have more active web presence. Having your own YouTube channel will create another way for people to find your products. Add a banner with your image, logo, and make it professional.

For best results, segment your videos so users can better find what they’re looking for. You can organize your videos in different playlists and in different series. Consider segmenting them through product features, store history, product tutorials, or something else you want to share.

Beardbrand , an online store that offers “grooming kits for men with beards” is an excellent example of a channel that meets all the requirements to be excellent. Look specifically at your logo on a banner ad and various tutorials and summaries of your products. In addition, you can see a series of tips on how to be a freer individual; These videos are fun and offer a way to connect customers with products. Eric Brandholz, the owner of Beardbrand, has used YouTube to introduce not only their products, but also to give personal advice. With more than 10,000 subscribers, it is a clear success story.

Be consistent with content production

A well-designed channel is not very useful if it does not have good content. If you choose to do marketing on YouTube, it’s best to be aware of the long-term commitment that this entails. Think carefully if you wish to commit to regularly uploading content, then see if you have or you can make a strategy to engage visitors.

Once you’ve decided if it’s worth it, be consistent, and remember, YouTube is a social channel, and like other social networks, long periods of silence do not work. You can decide how often to post. It is recommended that you upload one video per month, or one every two weeks if you have the time to do them. And once you perceive that something works, commit yourself to continue doing so.

Use Analytics to understand what works

YouTube provides you with a good amount of data about the behavior of your video. Learn and make the most of them. The data is understandable and teaches you what is working, and what is not. We have recently published some information on how to analyze your videos , where you will have opportunity to learn more in detail the total number of views.

With the change in the algorithm of the ranking, you can find useful information to know the number of people who have finished watching your video completely. Not only can you know the level of retention of your visitors, you can often inqure about what they are particularly interested in. Use them to understand if any part in your video can be more functional and which are not working.

Use annotations to keep and engage your audience

What are those little boxes that appear as comments or links that invite you to “subscribe”? They are called annotations.

Annotations are a feature that YouTube offers, which allow you to put text and links on your videos. Add a line with a bit of humor before the comments, where you invite them to subscribe, or links to other sites that are not YouTube. They can be a good strategy if used properly, annotations can give you a boost in subscriptions and increase comments.

It’s easy to add them to your videos. Simply visit the Video Manager , select the video you want to edit and use the down arrow to specify the edit manager you want to add it to. There are two general types of annotations available. The first are small bubbles of comments that appear as interjections on the video. You can adjust the font, box size and length.

The second type of annotations are active links. The latter are divided into different categories. You can link to another video, your channel, a fundraising cause, or a particular playlist. You can also direct people to subscribe to your channel; Subscribers who will receive a notification every time a new video is published. It is also capable of linking to external sites, but only to sites you own. You will need to associate your account with Google Webmasters to verify this.

Caution: Be careful to include many links and text boxes in your videos. They begin to lose effectiveness if they start to mess up. Remember that your viewers are here to watch a video, not to read a book. Apply a very light touch: a few boxes of notes here and there, a button to subscribe, and maybe a link to your website at the end .

Advertise with AdWords

You can promote your videos through paid advertising. Google owns YouTube, so it is simple to use Adwords for video. You will be able to advertise in three domains: a pre-roll ad, which appears before the videos that people decide to see; A banner ad when you’re surfing the web, or as a video promoted when people search for similar videos on YouTube.

Like Google Adwords, you’ll be able to select your daily budget and choose demographics for your audience. More importantly, you need to have a fine sense to choose Relevant Keywords. If you are using Google Adwords to advertise, you may just want to adjust your video advertising campaigns.

Keep applying the usual tricks

Treat your videos as you would a post on your blog, and spread them across all your channels. Therefore: post it on Twitter, Facebook and talk on your blog about it. Do not expect it to be viral, but that does not mean you should not actively promote it. Share your video on social networks, contact bloggers to share it and try to find the audience that will access the content. Note that YouTube also works as a search engine, and just as you would optimize a publication on your blog , you must also optimize your video. You are already familiar with the rules you must adhere to: a convincing title, detailed description, appropriate keywords, and everything in between.

Just as you encourage people to follow you on Facebook and Twitter, you can also encourage your readers to review your videos or subscribe to your channel. Always remember that the best way to favourabley position your brand is to focus on creating compelling content that people want to share.