Here are few effective ways to drive more traffic and get visitors to your site:


Exchange comments with other bloggers is great way to gain traffic.
Visit other bloggers from you niche and go thru the posts, read them fully and than leave a comment.
In the comment don’t forget to add your URL, if someone see the link he might click on it and come to visit your site.
It’s so simple, yet great way to get traffic from rich rich traffic sites.
Leave at least 3-4 sentences and don’t make it short, you want to show knowledge in the subject and to attract people to your site.
Some have regular traffic to their web pages just by leaving many comments in big sites.


This I awesome methods to get more traffic and actually an SEO tool.
What you do is donate a piece of your unique content to another blog and getting a link back to your site.
The link can drive many traffic to your site if you select the appropriate blog.
You get at least 2 things: link plus referral traffic from the other blog and not to mention that your reputation will climb if you make many guest posts and people would like you to write for them.
You can also return a favor and let the other blooger write for you in some other time.
It’s fantastic way to develop relationship and to become leader in your industry.


Social media networks are one of the fast and easy ways to drive traffic to a page.
The principle is simple, you have to follow others and than they follow you.
Sharing is easy in social networks and people can become your Friend and help you.

The most popular ones are Facebook,Twitter,Google+, YouTube,Instagram and Pinterest.
You should post at least once a day in some channels to drive traffic and to get social signs.
In time, this will become habit and you’ll do this without too much time and effort.


Triberr is one of the greatest places where bloggers meet with each other and kind “Tribes” with other bloggers in the exact same market
The principal distinction is that Triberr has the capacity to deliver posts a little bit far more “viral” than Fb teams.
Fb groups are amazing, but they’re mainly made up of newbie bloggers without having a lot of their own adhering to.

That currently being mentioned, it’s nonetheless value getting the newbie bloggers on your facet – one working day some of them might blossom into epic blogging powerhouses, and if you engage in good, probably they’ll take you with them.
Other Triberr consumers will want you in their tribes due to the fact it signifies they can get their posts in entrance of all of your followers also.

Because you can find large community of bloggers with many followers ans share will get you a lot of exposure.